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BruTal the way you abandoned me. Ghosted completely. Left no hug. Said absolutely nothing since. Heard nothing. All these years and couldn’t break up with the proper courtesy; instead just had your mom put you single on Facebook. And worst of all couldn’t return the favor out of an entire 2000 dollars from your latest pay check. Left me hanging- abandoned financially so early in the month. Stretched myself thin and gave you what I had left because I truly believed you’d look out next direct deposit…. But not even ten bucks sent to my Chime. Just consumed my money then threw me into the dumpster like a used up whore.

I throw in your towel. If you think the narrative here should center around poor rehabilitating Nicky then suit yourself. Entitled ones whom get a pass shouldn’t be held accountable; and can contradict their promises and their word; and its perfectly ok to take a child’s monthly stash and rebudget in favor of queen Nicole.. right!. Just understand the concept of cause and effect and don’t act shocked with its corresponding consequences that may in the end be unfavorable to what you expect (like necessity selling all your stuff while you’re across the country twiddling your toes at rehab).

Don’t pay me back. I’ll be the bigger person. Your mom shouldn’t have to eat your shit because you stole.. Though she definitely could stop escalating and should rather draw everyone in to be more cooperative.. But no one’s perfect. However do not let that distract you from the fact that Eileen is still a gigantic, wrinkled-up cuntbag nonetheless!

It was nice knowing you in the beginning but we BOTH ruined potentially a good thing. 27 strike oUts.. It’s over. In the end you sunk lower than I thought you could. I’ll get over it. Just didn’t think I’d be screwed over so massively by a “soulmate.” Things won’t get better. Live then die. Least I was suffering this existence with you on my side. Now it’s without you with a gaping hole of even more nothingness added to this life. But you fucked up for the final time and proved once and for all you never cared nor gave a fuxk about me. I was your typical someone used as a means to an end.

I don’t love you EVER and won’t ever again. Actually what you did to me here was so severely disloyal that my neuro-revisionistic brain altered it’s film without the love. That’s the impact of how shitty you left .. on the worst kind of terms. Thus I release you from my life. Don’t ever speak to me again no matter what. There’s been enough damage here. Just disappear and stay away. Another unmarried 40-year-old living with her parents again because she can’t be responsible among this new generation of human scum.



I need a blow jay…

… any fan girls want to know what it’s like to be featured in my next story/blog? 😉