Crazy Psycho Stalker Mother-in-Law

August 19, 2018   /   byRezod  / Categories :  Posts

Imagine if i tried to demand my hypothetical girlfriend’s mother to stay away from her husband because he smokes weed (and not just any legal weed Pete rationalizes via script).

this mother-in-law is so deluded and lacks simple logic. is this what happens when you get old?

i do not have ONE felony conviction on my record yet this woman’s husband does. who the fuck is she to judge? only misdemeanors on my record. everything else was dismissed or dropped entirely yet her husband is a convicted felon. the audacity to judge me? especially when i’m clean now and he’s not.

stop treating your daughter like she’s a teenager. you’re senile and out of touch trying to control people. its sickening

what if i do what you do and try to tell her what to do with her love life and make her block and never talk to you again? im very well in my right. youre married to a convicted felon that smokes drugs every day. custodial engineering his crowning achievement. i dont approve. as long as you’re with Pete you need to stay away from Nicole. <—- thats how ridiculous you sound, Eileen. thank god i have common sense. and, despite my degenerate past, i really am a better human being than you this moment in time. you’re the last person to judge anyone and the last person to tell someone what to do (to the pathologically pathetic extent you’ve demonstrated). Find something better to do with your summer than stalking people a third of your age on the internet. start by LOOKING IN THE MIRROR

the hypocrisy

grow the fuck up

dont like the disturbing things i have to say? dont like to be trolled dont like to be worried? then dont stick your nose where it doesnt belong and kindly fuck off. i left you alone. dont bother people with your miserable, disgusting presence. trespassing with your slimey judgement. no one asked you to stalk me. you’re the lowest of low. pure scum. you dont like what has to be said here? then mind your fuckin business. you nosey sleezeball. youre going to bother me and trespass into my world? then im going to smack you with the cold hard reality- youre going to die alone; miserable with all this negative tension wondering where you went wrong. wondering why your marriage is a joke that your own husband cant stand you he has to sleep in the garage. that your own daughter cant bear to show you basic honesty. you’ve smothered her throughout her entire life with this controlling, manipulative dysfunction i’d like to call “incorrect mothering” that she doesnt know how to be honest. she spent all her life crafting a dishonest demeanor to defend herself from you. you fucked her up, eileen. she can’t even be honest over trivial things because you inadvertently taught her how to avoid reacting like an honest person. she’s naturally defensive and scared when the pressure to be honest pokes at her.

you dont like what you hear? then dont bother me, psycho grandma. seriously i shouldn’t even stoop to your level, act like im better, and pass judgement.

real talk- you’d benefit the most from therapy here. drop the miss know-it-all thou shall judge facade and talk to a professional before the rest of your family shuts you out. it’s pathetic you have to turn my way just to feel and experience the true core of your daughter because you failed as a parent to glean it personally from her.

stay off my site and off my social media