Kidney Infection from too much Dope (fentanyl and a Risk Reduction Mindset)

July 1, 2020   /   byRezod  / Categories :  Posts

Just woke up no blood at all for 20 seconds until I started to go “fast” at the end of “the pee.” I slightly felt the burn again each time I attempted to “push” the stream out faster. Definitely just a cut in the worst spot a man could imagine. Thick globs of blood splashing into the bowl as I shake off the remaining drips.

After David & Laura dropped me off I had to go pee so bad it felt like I was about to “burst,” excretorily speaking. From what I observed it looked like there was a cut at the “tip” where the urethra opens— where “the pee” exits. No blood at all if “the pee” isn’t pushing into the cut and reopening it. Doesn’t feel like an infection or anything with the bladder but feels like a small accidental cut from chopping onions. But instead of dealing with that seething sensation from a cut on the hand I have to deal with it at the anatomically worst spot imaginable.

I’m thinking let’s just do more. Nothing a little pain killer “relief” (aka dope) can’t fix LOL

But on a serious note — as a friendly warning for all you “risk reduction” junkies with intentions to play it safe — stay away from the regular white fentanyl in circulation. It specifically amps up the restless leg side effect and has a very short half-life: a recipe for financial disaster. If you’re going to spend your money on any white fentanyl and want to avoid pissing blood, spend it wisely and get the one with a strain of light purple or the less potent blue strain. It comes in rock form (if you’re getting it in powder form that means the supplier is crushing it up and skimming it’s potency to make an extra buck) and, to the naked eye, shines with a slight, undeniably rich shade of purple. The best bang for the buck are the fentanyl analogues with a slight purple strain or any cartfentanyl derivative (roughly 100 times stronger than the regular white fent). THE HALF-LIFE IS NEARLY QUADRUPLED TO THAT OF THE REGULAR WHITE FENT— meaning it lasts a lot longer without the massive withdrawal side effects (the unbearable leg cramps and excessive sweating) every 4 hours. Just be careful and well-informed on your dosages because these stronger analogues have a much higher binding affinity and were initially invented as a tranquilizer and anesthetic to perform surgery on elephants. A junkie with a risk reduction mindset is well-informed and privy to the dangers and to the ease of a fatal outcome. If you’re not well-equipped with a scale or informed to the point of knowing the Russian military used a carfentanil aerosol mist to lullaby Chechen hostage takers to sleep 9 years ago, then maybe you need to take a step back and just pop dummyproof pills— because simplistic (powder in bag = rush) mindsets causes overdoses thus making responsible drug users look bad. No matter what we do we’re forced to wear your stigma by identifying as “losers” in the public eye of society.

To those that choose to use are going to use no matter what. So you might as well be informed and reduce the risk until you’re ready to step into a life of sobriety.

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