Line ‘Em Up

February 15, 2015   /   byRezod  / Categories :  Posts

The first broad is Christina. We linked up on She understood my current situation and drove about an hour to hang out with me. We were to meet at the very back of the Walmart parking lot. I get there and see some broad sitting in her car. I go to the passenger side but the door was locked. I knock on the window, so she unlocks the door. Like woah. This broad is like scorching hot, but looks nothing like who I’m suppose to meet. “Do I know you??” Then I’m like ohh shit wrong car LOL. I walk about 50 meters ahead and observe my actual date waving at me. She’s decent looking too. No makeup, which bugged me. Clothing from goodwill, which implied low self-esteem/status. If she had a makeover there would be serious hottie potential for her. Anyways, we hit up the local mall, talk, and chow down at the bonefish grill. She confided that she felt out of place at a restaurant like this. No comment lol. Later, I show her the pier at the facility I’m at. We go back to her car, then part ways. I decide to text her 5 minutes later to come back and kiss me. She comes back. I get in her car. Apparently she’s uncontrollably nervous because she hasn’t had sex or kissed anybody in 2 years. We kiss. She likes it. It felt good to know that she liked it. A few days later, we go to the local Thai restaurant. I tell the thai girl “extra super spicy.” I will never forget this experience because I literally cried, but didn’t want to be a pussy quitter so I ate my entire spiced up plate. The Thai girls were laughing at me “stupid american.” Christina was laughing at me. Speaking of her, apparently we were in a relationship now. We went back to my living quarters, where I snuck her to my room. She seemed like a fragile virgin, but that was not stopping me. I haven’t had sex or jerked it in weeks. My sperm was dripping all day long, even when I urinated. The sperm needed it’s freedom. This was meant to be. We make out and I slowly foreplay her titties. Fuck it. I try to stick it in. She says “ah no can you wait a minute please.” I wait a minute, nibble kiss her some more, then force it in. She felt fucking great. I came in like one minute lol. I can’t believe she cried afterwards. She said she’s crying because she’s happy.“ We cuddle for a little bit but my 9 o’clock curfew was on the horizon. We sit in her car for a little bit, where she tells me she was raped by a military dude in Texas years ago, and that because of said experience, she was initially intimidated by me. The next few days I lose most interest in her because she decided to freak out over facebook, even blocking me a few times and “breaking up” with me. So I decided in my head that were just friends now. We did go out (bowling), bang, etc again, but I was just having doubts the whole time. She’s cool, but I just can’t. Plain and simple. I need a supermodel without the emo shit. I won’t settle!

The following week I talk to a vast amount of women on the phone, and by vast I mean over 20. Most conversations were initially promising, but only a fraction of them had me framing my rehab situation in a positive light. I’m just straight up not a viable dating candidate given my current low-status circumstances. This is why I’ve blown a lot of chances with quality women, because I didn’t have the confidence. However, I soon realized the confidence issue was just an excuse. Eventually I accepted the challenge and was flooded with bitches! I was lining them up to the point I was spread too thin. I had to delete a bunch of broads off my phone and raise my standards. I even flaked on a few.

Meet Lily (I think). A week ago I was suppose to meet this second broad in the pictures. However, she flaked on me due to stomach issues and rescheduled for tomorrow. That night I hung out at the beach, resort-hopping. Long story short, I got smashed. The next day I was hungover, completely sleeping in, flaking on this broad. I call her up and make up a white lie about not having cash, and that I left my debit cards at home as a strategy to not waste money. She sends me that picture of her drinking a beer at a oriental restaurant on the beach. She’s coaxes me “you’re missing out!” I give in, say fuck it, and tell her to pick me up. She picks me up in a convertible right outside my living quarters. She looks good probably because her hair was done, her makeup was thick, and she was nicely dressed. She reminded me of Shakira, but pale. Anyways, I had no energy hung over. We did not click at all. We went to get ice cream, and I unthinkingly insulted her. “Wow you’re short.” The ice cream place only took cash, so we went across the street to 7-Eleven to use the ATM. I’m standing there watching her take out money, thinking to myself “god let’s hurry this fuckin date up.” This broad had a gut, too, but she delicately camouflaged it. So we leave the store. We eat the ice cream. She suggests we walk. We talk. I miserably probe her life. We go back blah blah blah. We hug. She drops me off. Haven’t heard from her since lol.

After that I started to get back on the hunt. Valentine’s Day was just 5 days away. I lined up 3 broads for that day. Internet dating is quite the flakey experience. One moment you’re depressed, then the next it feels like you won the powerball. This is worse than gambling or injecting cocaine into your foot. Nonetheless I lined ‘em up. Valentine’s Day was now here. The 21 year old, horseback riding babe flaked on me and asked for a raincheck, but that she definitely wanted to meet. I connected with her, for sure, with regards to the military at the ranch she volunteers at, but all in all I’m glad she flaked because she really was too young. Also, I passed on the slutty looking bitch with 4 kids, for obvious reasons lol. So that leaves me to Lauren, the broad in the 3rd picture.

I chatted with Lauren for about a week now. Met her off tinder. She’s from Maryland. I didn’t think I was going to meet her because she was really sensitive about Valentine’s Day. I was upset about it because she works 2 jobs, and the only day she could possibly hang out are Saturdays. Regardless, she told me she might swing by just to meet up. Lo and behold, she was actually 20 minutes out and I was still in my pajamas. Fuck it. She picks me up in pajamas. Not really dressed up herself, but I was still nervous. She was hyper but fun. She brought her dog because her roommate was less willing to watch him after he bit another dog. Anyways, she had to pee, so she pulled into the wawa. She kept asking if I wanted any hot food like I was homeless or something lol. So she wawa-ed in the wawa, then we headed torwards the beach. I wasn’t hungover or anything, I was just slightly nervous. I’ve been sober for a minute. This was different, but she was cool. She was just like she was on the phone. We get to the beach, where she decides to leave the dog in the car. At one point she’s talking and lays down on the beach chair. I couldn’t help but “gawd damn” under my breath. This broad has no kids. Model height. Personable. Nice ass in jeans. It’s a shame she has 2 fucking jobs with limited time. Anyways, on the way back she kindly offers to take me anywhere I needed to go while I’m out and about. I respectfully decline. Then she insisted we go back to the wawa because she had to get gas and because she was hungry and only ate a bagel all day. She holds the door open for me to go into the wawa. I say thanks, but she was actually holding it for this other lady. lol I looked dumbed. She ordered us hot food and got me an energy drink. Pretty cool, but fishy. We go back to my living quarters. I point to my window, telling her that’s my room. She jokingly puts her hand on my thigh “ohh yeah.” Lol funny. I have my pizza and energy drink in my hands. She comes out for a goodbye hug. Then I text her later that I wanted to return the favor. She responds with “return the favor how?? a better hug?” I meant I’ll buy next time. I think I was too nervous and blew this one. Not a big deal, though. I will always spin more plates and rebound.

The last one in the pictures is still pending. We talked on the phone for 2 hours. She’s a hairstylist. Our common thread of discussion was how her ex husband was in the military. So she gets it, but she has kids and a heavy schedule. I may or may not pursue. Hell, her plate is worth a spin!