Utter Hell

December 20, 2014   /   byRezod  / Categories :  Posts

Life has been utter hell for me these last 6 months. I guess I can give you the short version if you promise to imagine all the greasy little details that’ll be left out.

so here goes. I believe we left off last year after my kids mom went to jail for felony strangulation. she got out and I moved some other broad into my house. this other broad got knocked up and I broke it off, praying to satan she miscarriages. so I then get back with my baby’s mama after I broke her up with her boyfriend. the next 6 months were up and down with us. doing the school thing under the GI bill, actually making progress until last August baby’s mom finds out I had a bastard kid out there named Reed. So much for honesty. All in all she broke up with me cheating on me with an older ex. some French faggot that has my exact name. so the tattoo i made her get on her back means jack shit! lol

so get this bro. my life starts to take a turn for the terrible. I’m having serious baby mama custody drama issues. so she comes into my house trashed one morning and pulls a fuckin knife on me. last year I let her hit me because I understand the double standard, but this time she pulled a knife on me! so I instantly put her in a headlock and pinned her down on the floor. I kick her out of my house and do not give her my kid. she thinks I’m going to call the police because last year she was arrested for the same thing, but I didn’t call this time because she’s on probation which would put her away for a year. thinking I was going to call, she preempted the idea. a few hours later the cops come to my house while I’m in the middle of feeding my kid. I’m handcuffed walking out my house, turn and look at my kid. he smiles and says bye bye daddy. I break down in fuckin tears bro.

I’m straight up real with the detective. apparently she made wild allegations like rape, etc just to put me away and ensure her freedom. long story short they only charged me with felony strangulation and false imprisonment. a week later all the charges were dropped because she’s a lying cuntface.

ever since September going forward my life has went to total shit. I’ve been drinking every day. I’ve had a few gfs but nothing ever lasted. had to drop out of my calculus classes because I got behind. then in October I got into 3 car crashes. the first, I hit a stop sign and a mailbox. the second, I got stuck on a rock and almost went to jail for trespassing. my dad pulled me out lol. and the last fucked my life over for good.

one night early November I just met up with my ex just for fun at the pub like an idiot. I drank a lot. she gets the bouncer to put me in her car. I run away. apparently my kewl Chinese glasses break at the bar, so now I’m driving on the wrong side of the road intoxicated. cops chase me. I flee lol like I’m going to get away. I hit an oncoming car and roll over. ten cops pull the car up because it was pinned on top of me. I roll out and run LOL after they saved my life. the rest is history bro. it was all over the news. just google me lol

anyways I’m going to rehab in 2 weeks. I’m still drinking daily (even drank a four loco lol).

right now I’m having major issues with my kids mom. she tried to get food stamps, and the only way to do that in Florida is by filing for child support. I accidentally opened the door and got served. she didn’t take it serious when I asked her to drop the lawsuit asap, so I filed a response incriminating her for food stamp fraud. the last few weeks this December were absolute hell for me bro. I filed a restraining order and now she’s holding my kid from me. bitch is using him as a pawn. next week I’m challenging her in domestic violence court and then a few days later I’m challenging her bogus child support claims. I’m just not going to take it and have her win by default. it’s on for this bitch. she just fucked with satan’s Chinese bastard child!!

anyways, how’s your lovely holidays treating you?