The truth about Ahmaud Arbery

January 2, 2022   /   byRezod  / Categories :  Posts

When I was a teenager I use to go on my jogs as a cover to case out houses all the time to make sure it was safe for me to burglarize. There were a handful of times a neighbor became suspicious but the last thing I ever did was escalate the situation like this guy did. Even when they called the cops on me there are still ways out of the situation and never thought once to resort to being aggressive towards people protecting their neighborhood. Do you know why? Because what I was doing was wrong and they were doing what any person would do if they had a suspicious person doing something questionable on a property I previously had no ties to. I was nervous and created the tension in the situation by going into homes that weren’t mine. Last thing I was going to do was get aggressive and escalate the situation because I knew I wasn’t suppose to be there and knew I’d get shot. Because of this I’m alive. Every time I got confronted by somebody questioning why I was there when I wasn’t suppose to be — due to the nature and tension in the situation I created — I instinctively knew I had to be less aggressive with my body language and overcompensate to show I was harmless. In fact just by doing this and easing the tension of whomever was suspicious I usually ended up making up some story that I thought “this address was a friend of mines” or any story to show I was oblivious and dumb to why they would be coming at me like that as a way to calm them down. In fact, half of those confrontations ended up with the suspicious protective neighbors believing me and actually helping me with directions and never calling the police. And the other half when police were called —just because of the way I calmed down the tension and made it a point to be extra nonaggressive — I was able to slowly slide out of the situation by using nonaggression to dumb my way out of there (“oh maybe maybe my buddy meant the house 2 streets over I haven’t seen him in years”) in time that I didn’t even have to answer to the cops because I was long gone. This idiot escalated the situation because he’s a stupid criminal. These type of criminals end up dead or in and out of jail for the rest of their life. Yes criminals can be smart, and when you’re “smart” as a young criminal you will be forced to change as you get older because logically you’ll realize doing criminal things will subject you to criminal consequences if you continue, so in order to continue being smart you would have to stop engaging in criminal behavior because your lifespan will significantly shorten. Unfortunately I got caught and linked to a bunch with dna like 5 years later and paid the consequences and was ok with it. Guess what I’m still alive and I can’t believe it. This dude didn’t get shot because he was black. His aggressive defiant behavior did him in. There’s plenty of black criminals that get caught and chased down like this from people defending their neighborhood knowing that they’re going to VOP and go to jail. They don’t get shot like this either because they knew it’ll get them killed especially when they caused the situation to begin with. The problem with this “kid” is —if you watched how aggressive and irrationally defiant he was in the 2017 cop footage— he’s spoiled and entitled and feels like he’s owed a pass like he could do no wrong ever even if he’s doing heinous crap— And it’s easy to see why he’s like that the way his family painted him as some harmless jogging citizen angel of the year. Even if he didn’t get killed here or if the circumstances were different and he just ended up getting arrested, he was on verge to get killed in the future nonetheless or on the verge to possibly kill somebody (because he couldn’t contain himself personalitywise when things begin to escalate out of his favor).