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This is exactly what I’m fucking talking about, bro. She holds all the cards because you let her hold them. You fucked yourself. You already know that with jen, HELL ANY RELATIONSHIP, that you have to assume the worse when push comes to shove especially when it involves emotions and children. It’s your fault, bro. She laid down the hammer on you first. There’s nothing you can fucking do other than damage control. Seriously, what can you possibly do besides chop her fucking head off?????? All I’m saying is you don’t necessarily have to chop her fucking head off, but the feeling of hate and the level of vigilance has to be on that level down the road. YOU NEED TO FUCK WITH HER FIRST. I do kinda relate to you. Your situation is beyond negotiation. The talk is over. If you’re not at that level yet, you’re going to be. You just need to act in the worst possible way legally to hurt her. Forget your morals about blah blah i’m not that type of dad i will never use my daughter as a pawn. The thing is, doesn’t matter she is going to hold your kid over your head every time she’s mad going into the future. You may as well fight back and do a little damage control. Yeah jen might get mad again and fuck with you more since she’s holding the cards, but the fact is it got this far because you allowed yourself to be vulnerable and didn’t strike first. sad reality, bro.

and what’s stopping you from giving your all to a real life job is that you think of your age and then you think of how limited your life accomplishments are. fact of the matter is that you do need to humble yourself in the real life and take it up the ass. you don’t have to necessarily have to associate as a loser faggot, but you need to step away from the self pity and try to reverse your life of nothingness into something. you need to change your thinking. That’s how Triple B got through the humiliating stages of his pathetic early life. he looked passed it. its like getting fucked in the ass but you close your eyes and forget it ever happened. it’s the only way to use this lower rung of life as a means to a bigger end.

my dad said xray technician is wheres its at. thing is, anything medical is where its at. go to a 2 year local medical program. any other education is fooling yourself

hell, we could move to cali and open up a chinese restaurant… heh

and i’m sorry for giving this email short shrift. i gotta get ready for real life. wish me luck. tomorrow i’ll revisit this and take a proper examination of any follow up emails

Who would’ve thunk it 10 years ago that you and I would be having “parent” talk with one another.