Under Her Spell

September 28, 2016   /   byRezod  / Categories :  Posts


I am laying on my bed as I write this on my tablet right now. I am laying here soaking in pussy juice. This new girl I met two days ago hit it off with me. I let her pussy juice marinate on my bed since Sunday. It is Wednesday morning right now; her new pussy juice splashed over the old pussy juice.

This sounds like another limerence spell, except that it’s different this time. Let me recap Sunday night for you:

“I cant believe I slept with you. I never do that, ever. I just really like you so much.”

Fuckin steroids got me ripped as fuck, makin’ chicks drop their panties.

We really hit it off. This fine as fuck girl, a quarter japanese, 5’7 120 pounds, so fuckin pretty left my house at 3:30am. Had to make her leave. We madeout standing in my driveway for 30 min before she would leave.

I’m so fuckin proud with what I’ve become. Any other dude or even the old me would’ve called it a night as soon as she pulled into my driveway to drop me off, but my confidence has been through the roof lately. I grabbed her hair and we went at it. She jumped from the drivers seat on top of me. I carried her all the way to my house and threw her on my bed. I ate her out so deep and thorough she was shaking. This chick made my fuckin year. Rare game changer.

How is this different than those other limerence spells I’ve been under? Well, to say the least, I’m getting old. I’m an expert in what NOT to do, considering all the disastrous relationships/flings I’ve experienced and the multitude of arrests on my resume lol. When it comes to female companionship all expectations have been withdrawn. I live the life of a disillusioned ant, skeptical of this world and the people in it. Thus the limerence this go around has generated from a position of authenticity. It’s foundation isn’t built on the legs of desperation and the naive, misguided art of chasing pussy. I simply needed to grow the fuck up.

The issue with most relationships is its initial foundation. Men like to chase women that don’t want them. Rom Wills, wise muthafuckin’ author and relationship guru, put it perfectly when he claimed that ultimately “the women choose the men.” You just got to pay attention which ones are receptive.

This new chick was receptive for a week now; I was just paying attention and caught it on the radar, because it’s the man’s job to recognize her receptivity and then to accept it. The gist of it is that the old me would pursue a chick from a position of desperation, pursuing women just because they ovulate. That approach to mating encourages the wrong people to get together. Even just to fuck, being that dumb-downed in who you choose sets your desires on an inauthentic, disgruntled path. Most couples in society shouldn’t even be together because they really never liked each other to begin with. Their initial desires didn’t have the proper orientation.

I’m not saying to raise your expectations to only seek dimepieces. This new chick is no supermodel, but she’s fuckin pretty and we’re mutually receptive in terms of sex appeal. She makes me feel good, like a xanax. I really don’t know her at core yet other than that she owns a Paul Mitchell-esque hair salon and that we went to the same high school (same grade) but never crossed paths. The most personality I got out of her was when she was riding my dick. She’s been awestruck with me and has been acting perfect because she can’t believe I like her too. Who knows what’s to come. The point is that she chose me, and I accepted without blowing the opportunity. This broad is grateful and jumping in with both feet.

All I know is that the volume in which we kissed eachother tonight ALONE surpasses the total kiss volume of other relationships in its entirety. The birds are finally chirping again because of the “I am what I am” mentality. If people don’t like what I am, fuck ’em. Why would you be scared to act out your true desires with a chick? Scared that she won’t like you lol. If she’s not receptive and doesn’t like the authentic you then why would you want her? To fuck her? There’s you coming from that position of desperation again. Simply stop trying to force “love” or even sex for that matter and just let it come to you.

This chick wanted me and vice versa. I was able to recognize the sexual cues. Felt the same desires and wasn’t chasing somebody that didn’t want me; basically operated from a position of straight honesty then made the move. So again, how was the limerence here different?? I wasn’t anxious to get pussy. I let the mating process fall into place.

So when I saw her for the second time last night, I totally just wanted to make her happy and see her smile. I was sexually calm/collected, but with a huge desire to have her. I even did stuff out of my ordinary and would seductively rub my bottom lip into her top lip, then the top lip to the bottom. I slowly gave her paced kisses on the cheek and she would secretly smile when I looked out the corner of my eye. No intentions to suck the life out of this one.

I did what I wanted to do because my desires had full expression. Men don’t hate women when they get rejected. They really are just mad at themselves for not being able to properly express their true desires and what they really want.

I’m definitely no peach, but I don’t hate women. I’m actually a great dude. So suck my dick because I am King right now. The muthafuckkn Rezod gotta wash these sheets right now 🙂






And here’s the desert of my so called blogging- the previous girl’s fallout (cmon you didn’t think I’d forget to rub it in LOL)


Previous girl tried to cockblock my chances with the new one (too bad she’s kewl as fuk)