Think Inside the Box

May 23, 2015   /   byRezod  / Categories :  Posts

eggI just want to stick my dick in some pussy right now. I want to feel that itchy prickle of a shaven pussy toothbrushing the sides of my dick. It’s been so long since I got some pussy; perhaps a month. Then, I was having a field day at the barn with this fat hog from the internet. She was so fat. How decrepitly vein I am, indeed. Truth of the matter is I’m really struggling to score that top-shelf pussy I enjoyed during my traveling, younger man years. I lost the touch. My life shambled before my very eyes, letting it devolve to the point of hopeless return. I lost all grip on my drinking too. Boo hoo. Poor me. Don’t get me wrong, this here blog is far from a gripe to the deteriorating value of my life. What I’m trying to say is that I made a mess and now I’m dealing with its consequences. So, as a side effect, I now suffer from severe discombobulation: less sure of myself; low frustration threshold; resistance towards the socialization process. Therefore, because of all this, I have no fucking game and tend to come off as a desperate, on-edge, bothered individual. No top-shelf pussy wants that. My sexual market value reeks of homeless dude breath after the fart went up the other way. I’m just telling you how it is, bro. No big deal. Of course I’m going to get my shit together. It’s just that I want to stick my dick in some pussy RIGHT NOW. I’ve got 99 problems but I only care about one.

Dare I call the fat girl again? I’m over it. Let not dignity bleed out, right? You see, last month had no other choice. I lost the touch. No guy wants to hold his breath and jump into the abyss of saturated pussy fat. It’s all I had. Fortunately, this month seems better because, despite life’s drowning circumstances, I’ve spontaneously established regulations on the pussy I stick. I want high-quality pussy despite being a low-quality dude. Sounds like the typical American dream. However, reality just isn’t compatible with beauty and the beast. Disney wanted us to believe its possibility but all that ever did was create a bunch of rapists beasting the beauties.

I could get back on my game and reach compatibility again but time is of the essence as far as my urges are concerned. Not because of poor impulse control (I have that too), but because I’m being forced to expedite my goals in life. You see, the goal right now is to stick my dick in high-calibre pussy; its corresponding hurdle is that I have less than a week to do so because I booked a trip to the county jail resort and casino. Fun times. Though, the pussy dilemma could resolve fairly quickly if I were to order a prostitute from backpage. Thing is, I’m broke right now. My lawyer/baby mama cleaned out the mighty checking account. Although it is true I could visit goodwill, suit up, then perhaps mingle at the bar; lie to bitches. Then again, not an adept manipulator of the microexpressions in my stupid face. I’d say one thing but the conveying vibe would say another. When unsettled minds try to put on a happy face, its incongruency gets manifested on the sleeve.

Straight up, though, I just want to stick my dick in some fresh, organic pussy without the hassle of having to “register” for the rest of my life lol. It would feel so fucking good to just juice into something exceptionally tight and unchewed right now. Aside from elevated testosterone levels, do you see why dudes naturally chase women? Women only produce about 400 mature eggs during their lifetime, whereas a dude squirts, give or take, 400 million sperm cells per ejaculate. The less of something drives up the value. Men can afford to splurge the sperm like a packet of ketchup; a woman’s egg by biological law has to thrift. This is why women, in general, aren’t hung up on getting their fuck on like men do. The biology of a woman’s body is adapted for hypergamy. They are the ones, along with the bling-bling proverbial sparkle of their golden vaginas, that men must vie for. They are the ones in the position to sit back and let the best man win. How often do women marry down? From a logical point of view, better marry a woman uglier than you otherwise you’re in for a headache. The Robert Mitchum logic has it right- if only it were geared toward the common man and not the disgruntled one. Following the disgruntled man’s logic, never stick your dick in ugly pussy, especially before going to jail. You do that, you’ll never recover your sense of standard. Jail + broken standards = anal.