No Tomorrows

August 21, 2021   /   byRezod  / Categories :  Posts

Poof. Nothingness. Imagine with a snap of a finger no longer existing. The dredged feeling of doom spiking the final death of this fantasy of Life. With words what I’m trying to explain here is indescribable. It’s a dreary Doom and an anticipated hopelessness like being stuck in an elevator that’s slowly filling up with water as you take your final gulp of oxygen before going under.

Just imagine not existing anymore. The historical timeline of this universe is — give or take — 14 billion years. Out of all that time we live 70ish years of life. Our entire biography as an individual is a fraction of a fraction of a hiccup in the Grand Scheme. Our heart beats like a drum pushing the existence of this fantasy into another octave of time. If that interval disrupts — just once — the drum of your specific existence ends. Does that not scare the hell out of you? When you end, the world will continue on as the universe expands. Your storyline will come to an abrupt halt as those in your family/social circle adapts to life without you. What will happen to your consciousness? It’s like when your drum ceases your present awareness of it all will be shoved into a box where you can’t breath: where you’ll remain stuck in a state of perpetual suffocation. It’s very scary in which the idea of hope just never potentiates. A place in which the flowers can no longer bloom because the environment needed to do so just isn’t there anymore. This is the Death of your fantasy; and with that in mind you should definitely cherish every remaining second of life you get to live. It’s not much time, and there’s no logical reason you shouldn’t treat every day as a precious, precious canvass in which each stroke of life’s brush holds sheer meaning and grateful appreciation. Just to be cognitive is a rarity, but to be cognitive in this pocket of the universe during this particular time where the universe is expanding rather than shrinking is a miracle. There just isn’t anymore excuses to waste another second of this life. It’s going to end very soon in which a perpetual suffocation of nothingness will ensue. One day closer to Doom.

No more talk.