Bee Bread

June 20, 2016   /   byRezod  / Categories :  Posts

Last night that chick from Limerence¬†stayed the night. She had to go to Tampa for a work thing the next morning. Since I’m on the way locationwise, figured she just stay the night. Banged her decent. Lots of “can’t believe I’m doing this again,” “this is just the second time knowing you,” “it doesnt bother you?,” from her end. I tend not to feed any resistance that could potentially cockblock the mission. All she got out of me was an “I don’t care.” She rationalized her break in morality with “can’t help it you’re extremely attractive,” “can’t help it you’re freakin cute.”

A validating ego-boost for sure.

Truth be told, I despise women that won’t put out because they misguidedly think it would depreciate the value of their pussy. The opposite is true: since they lack the depth of character to sustain a long-lasting relationship, they withhold rubbing crotches. I would rather know ALL of a woman before making the commitment to pursue her; if that means getting laid the first or second night, so be it. Not going to waste my time.

Imagine chasing stubborn pussy for a month or longer. When she finally let’s you “in,” the relief from the hype can be rather deflating to the relationship. So please don’t be that guy wasting time on hyped up pussy. Real pussy doesn’t force you into a relationship. Real pussy is secure enough to take a cock to see if there’s anything really there at the core of your beings.

I know when I have a potential keeper only AFTER sex. If you can smash something for the first time and still feel good about the chick, then she’s a keeper. The myth is that all dudes just want to get laid; that if the chick puts out, she’s doomed to a loss of interest. By putting your pussy on a pedestal you’re essentially playing cat and mouse, which sets a dysfunctional tone for the relationship, thus creating tension (aka funding for the psychopharmaceutical industry lolol).

Why not cultivate the relationship from a honeybee and flower perspective? The pussy is the nectar that keeps me, the honeybee, coming back. The pollen is the “honey comb” of the relationship. It provides the structural backbone for the connection to thrive. Ultimately the nectar is converted into honey, which is why you cannot deplete the honeybee of this essential carbohydrate, ladies! I could jerk off and produce nectar, but the conversion would produce a weaker quality ineffective to the grand scheme of things. We want our nectar potent enough to convert into honey because it takes a certain combination of chemical changes (via the moistening of pollen with nectar & honey) to produce bee bread. The bumbleebee doesn’t really know all this is important to the larvae. He just wants to get his dick wet. We all have our role as moving parts in this world, oblivious to its role in the stupid cycle. Just know that’s the endgame, right, because this whole blog is about bee bread jfc.

Enough about that. Let’s go back to the story, bro.

Before I banged this chick decent, we were watching the NBA finals (it made me so happy to see LeBron get it done). However, I had a hard time getting my kid to sleep. Didn’t go down til midnight. Had to chill with him for an hour because clearly he was bothered by her presence. Nothing wrong with her; in fact, he told her she was pretty. But as a 3 year old he asked me “why you need a lot family, daddy?” That totally had me spinning.

Good question. Am I really polygamous by nature? Yes, I am. Evolutionarily the male primate is as well, backed by science lol. I really don’t want to just “fuck a lot of bitches,” per se, I just want to fuck the best bitches. I want the best bitch. Evolution is always striving for the best. It’s in a man’s nature to want and have the best. During one stage of life your best might not actually be the best later. My kid’s mom is not the best.

Evolution is why I don’t want to waste my time chasing pussy, pretending to like you for a month just to sample your pussy. I want to sample both the pollen AND the nectar in a timely fashion, to see if you are indeed the best match with the best connection made, in the sack AND otherwise. Why waste time. However, I understand what my kid is concerned about.

“Why need a lot of family, daddy?” I don’t. I’m a ping pong ball in this circle of life.

By “Why a lot family.” It’s true I should only limit my kid to those proven in my world. I had 3 legit love interests the last 2 years. The rest were not proven. My kid has probably seen 3 other “friends” I had nothing serious with. That should not have happened. Even some dumb gangster chick met him. Time to clean up my policy lol.

Should have not met this new girl either.

This morning my son asked where did the girl go. I told him she’s just a friend and had to go to work.

Definitely not feeling her as much anymore. Just realized that only the proven chicks were introduced to my son by name. Just like if you hung out in public you’re introducing top-shelf pussy by name. That’s the distinguishing feature between top-shelf and all those other shelves you only settle for when desperate/lonely and want to get your dick wet.

Kewl story, bro?